Retirement Success

Retirement Success began as an extension of my passion for sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their financial goals while minimizing yearly tax payments. Through experience and observation, I’ve identified four stages in our financial lives. I think of these stages as; getting started, protecting what you’ve started, building on what you’ve started and enjoying what you’ve built.

My clients may be at different stages in their financial lives, but they share similar goals. They want to achieve a certain lifestyle, mobility and financial security. They want to seize the opportunities that come with greater financial freedom, exactly what I wanted when I started my journey.

Your financial life starts now, by making simple choices that will give you greater options. The option of owning property, protecting your loved ones from the unexpected, the freedom to travel and enjoy your leisure time, and ensuring you don’t run out is a juggling act without any on-going financial advice.

Living in the Peterborough area, I’ve been building relationships in the various communities throughout Ontario for many years. I’ve grown the business to include clients from Southern, Central and Northern Ontario. As an independent advisor, I have the flexibility to share knowledge and serve my clients with a personal touch. Some clients consider me as their first contact resource for anything that is tied to a dollar bill.

I call my strategy Value of Knowledge and it involves six clear steps to cover your life events. Cash management, tax planning, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Together, let’s plan for the four stages of your financial life and start realizing your dreams with the strategies for Retirement Success.

Do you need a financial advisor?
Do you know how much you want to have as a yearly income during your retirement?

Do you know your retirement amount you will need?

Do you know how much you will need to save per month?

Do you expect to be healthy or sick in your retirement years?

Do you want a know how much CPP you will receive?

Do you know where will you live?

Do you know much you can save on your income tax every year?

Do you want to save on your next car purchase or house repairs?

Do you know your monthly expenses?

If you answered “no” to three or more questions then you could benefit from financial advice.

Statistics show no matter the income or the age everyone benefits from financial advice. And those who received it, were two to three times more assets then those who received no advice.

Ensure your retirement by getting the right advice. Contact Retirement Success and do it right starting today.

Joanne Bedard

Joanne Bedard


I’ve been successfully navigating the financial landscape for over 20 years. I started small, with the goal of providing my family with financial security. Hard work and ensuring my money works even harder has given me the opportunity to pursue the activities I love with the people I love.

Sharing knowledge and helping others is not just what I do professionally, it’s the way I live every day.

I hold licenses in Mutual Funds, Financial Planning, Macroeconomic Environment Investment Suitability and Insurances. I have a Purchasing Certificate from Humber College and am currently completing my Master Financial Advisor certification.

Additional Certifications:

Advance Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Planning 2018
London Life – Corporately Held Life Insurance
London Life – Post 2018 Budget – Corporately Owned Life Insurance
2017 Advanced Personal Tax Update – Distinguished Advisor Workshop
2016 Year End Investment & Business Planning – Distinguished Advisor Workshop